I'm Jeppe Kjøller

I'm an empathic experience designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

I work within the broad spectrum of design fields such as service design, interaction design, user experience design and visual design. I'm passionate about creating amazing experiences for humans, interacting with digital or physical artifacts. I'm curious about new technologies, tools and methods and I don't shy away from learning something new, such as microprocessors or data visualization programmed with Max MSP.

I'm a curious person by nature, often questioning why something is done the way it is, or how something was made.
See a comprehensive list of my skills and tools in my resume.

Say hej!

I have a broad skill set, why stop at T-shape?

User Experience Design
Creating amazing experiences for single touch points, utilizing design thinking, to research, empathize, ideate, prototype and test products
Visual Design
I have a background in visual and graphic design. Using knowledge of typography, color, gestalt-laws and a well trained eye, I create visually appealing layouts, logos or other imagery
Service Design
Taking a holistic view at businesses, I employ service dominant logic, stakeholder maps, service blueprints, personas, customer journey maps and more to ensure a consistent service experience
Interaction Design
Through research, various theories on HCI and rapid prototyping techniques, I design physical and digital artifacts that both look and feel good to use

I'm also a weekend warrior... Literally.

A lot of my spare time is spent putting myself in the shoes of other people. I do this in quite a special way.

Whether it be a fierce orc from Mordor, a sleek drug dealer of Irish descent in a post-apocalyptic future or a traumatized patient at a hospital, I've spent literal days and nights in the shoes of other (imaginary) people. I find that the practice of imagining the struggles and mindset of another person is helping me a great deal in my design work. I do this at events ranging from 20 to 8000 participants, often with my best friends.

My roleplay is also a creative outlet for me, allowing me to dream up the impossible, and then create it.

It drives my desire to learn new techniques, technologies etc. I have already utilized both 3D-printing, 3D-scanning, microprocessors and more in building props and costumes.